The Long and The Short Of Great Marketing Slogans

When I started exploring the implications of this post it led me to an interesting thesis.

The smaller and newer your brand, the more likely a longer tagline will deliver an effective marketing message.

There’s been some research into the power of the longer slogan, it’s ability to hold, captivate and explain over the more fashionable short and punchy tags that are predominating these days among bigger brands.

The bottom line is that shorter taglines carry greater risks of inspiring a consumer to do nothing at all in response. Nothing is bad enough, but the idea that a potential customer might go “uhh?” when he sees your tagline should send shivers down the spine of the branding team on the job.

The good news for us tagline specialists is that we get higher efficacy and emotional potential with more words – and – also a ton more options too. Longer taglines tend to be more on the nose, which in these literalist times might not necessarily be a bad thing. They offer more word play avenues, more opportunity for a call to action and positive reinforcement. In short, they might even make our lives a little easier.

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