Tagline Machine Guest Posts R Up!

In a frenzy of self-serving blog-posting, The Tagline Machine and its Chief Mechanic, Simon Gornick are proud to announce, in our own little way, not one but two guest posts on two pretty fabtastic blogs.

Number one is a series of two on the what why and how of taglines.

Number two is a post on the ROI of Social Media which is sort of related a bit.

Hope you enjoy them, and if you do retweet, share and report glowingly on them to all your influential friends. read more

Can Small Businesses be Brands?

You walk into Target. Stroll around. Look down at your list. “Advil”. Turns out you’re near the right aisle. Then comes the moment of truth. Do you choose “Advil” or target brand. You know they’re identical, but you still choose Advil and pay double for the 100 caps.

That is brand value.

How much did it cost Advil to get you to choose its name brand over the generic? The answer is billions of dollars, a whole lot of marketing expertise, millions of customers and plenty of time. read more