How to Write a Five-Star Tagline That Really Will Work

These days, blogging is an additional source of income – if done properly, it can even replace a tedious 8-hours job. However, most blogs are dead before they’re even born. They’ve got good, engaging content and there are plenty of people that are interested in reading/viewing it.

How then, you ask, can these blogs that abound in amazing content get such poor traffic? The answer to this question is simple, as is the solution to the problem it represents: the owners neglect or downright overlook the tagline.

The tagline is a short sentence that introduces the Internauts to your blog, i.e. tells them what it’s about and what they should expect from it. The tagline is always positioned in the header of a blog, right below the title.

If your blog doesn’t have a tagline, you’re jeopardizing your chances of owning a blog that brings you money. Don’t sweat it: professional writers from give you a few tips on how to create the perfect tagline.

Top 4 Tips For A Catchy Tagline

  1. Do Not Copy Taglines From Other Blogs

The most recurring young, aspiring bloggers make is to copy the taglines from the blogs that turned out to be goldmines. There are 3 problems with doing that: 1) the audience will most definitely figure that your tagline is the mere rewriting of another, 2) you won’t be doing anything original and 3) you might get a copyright strike.

2. Keep It Short

A tagline is a slogan which is, by definition, a short catchphrase that both attracts new customers (readers or viewers in your case) and makes them remember your blog. Writing a 1-paragraph tagline is honestly worse than having no tagline whatsoever.

Condense the content of your blog in one sentence and don’t shy away from a pinch of good humor.

3. Childish Rhymes Are A Crime

Few things can be more cringe-worthy than a supposedly serious blog about serious matters that is introduced through an uninspired rhyme. Do yourself a favor and blow past the idea of creating one for your tagline. They bring nothing new to the table and they sure won’t bring you more traffic.

4. Don’t Go Guerilla-Marketing

With other words, don’t slap visitors in the face with what you sell and why they should buy it. You’ve got plenty of space on that blog to slowly build a continuous marketing campaign that’s not as overt as to make people think you’re a gold-digger and nothing else.

Your tagline should be about the blog itself and what it is about. You can slip a reference to yourself, as the owner, and what you’re doing but again – short is good and long is bad.

The Bottom Line

The tagline of a blog is crucial. It might be difficult to create it, given that a blog can cover a wide range of topics, but if you’re determined enough to succeed in this business, you’ll pull this off.

Use these tips in your advantage and you will create a tagline that will stick out from the crowd.


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