The stuff people say about TM

The Tagline Machine is just getting started, so the list will grow!

“The Tagline Machine provides the incredibly valuable service of producing catchy, memorable slogans about your product that are so clear and intuitive, you could mistakenly believe that you could have come up with them yourself. But you didn’t, and you probably couldn’t (at least not as well as the Tagline Machine can).”

Michael Mchale – Michael Mchale Designs


“It takes special copy talent to deliver real impact in just a few words. But The Tagline Machine has got it big time. Simon’s line choices were all on the money fits for our company. I recommend The Tagline Machine to anyone branding their business.”

Michelle LaPaglia – Plumeria Fine Cookies


Got some awesome tagline ideas from @. What a fab service!!

Marian Schembari (on Twitter)